A Good Day To Dye? Ha!

Okay, so if you’re here looking for something Bruce Willis and Die Hard related….I’m very sorry, you’re in the wrong place! Although, of course, either of those things may appear at a future time, but at the moment I just want somewhere to whinge about my disasterous new hair colour!!

I really did think it was a good day to dye when I got up – having said which, I do usually dye when the family aren’t around so I have peace and quiet and a spare eye to watch the clock. This day they were home and I may have got distracted….leading to my “natural brunette” dye actually turning out to be VERY dark brunette/black in places 😦  What a mess! It’s all very odd – the front is FAR darker than the back. The colour at the back I don’t actually mind, but this front bit, ick. I did try cutting bits off (stop it, I can hear you groaning at my stupidity from here!) but, as my hair’s naturally curly, it’s just sproinged up and makes things even more noticeable.

My husband’s immediate reaction was “it’s fine, looks nice” but then 5 minutes later I catch him singing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”, which is something that’s not in his usual repertoire! My daughter said “Oh mum….it’s lovely……Do you think if you put a blonde dye on top it would go back to normal?” PAH!

I was VERY relieved that it didn’t go green when I braved the swimming pool, and that I didn’t leave a brown/black streak of dye in the water behind me. I DO wish I’d left dying it a couple of week and then I could have at least blamed it on Comic Relief and raised some cash!

My Avon customers have been a bit alarmed, despite me telling them that it DEFINITELY wasn’t one of Avon’s (marvelous, available from me!) hair dye. They’re sending very “sympathetic” texts, including “If the chlorine/wee in the pool hasn’t washed it out, you’re stuck with it” and “I’m on my way up town, I’ll keep an eye out for you, I’ve heard you’re hard to miss at the moment”!

My sister did hold up a strand right at the back in the middle the other day and say “oh, I like the colour of THIS bit”. Helpful!

You can stop laughing now if you’d like?! This is a VERY serious matter. Now that I’ve been told it looks better with the light on it, I WILL be walking into every room and switching on the lights – sorry Global Warming…

Don’t expect me to blog a photo, but here’s one of Bruce just to cheer me up. I can see he’s not going to have my problem at any time soon….

Brucie - no, not that one, this one!

Brucie – no, not that one, this one!

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