Half Term Happenings

Me and my revolting coloured hair actually got out and about on Sunday, when the weather was absolutely glorious if not a little on the freezing cold side!  We took all day to get there, meandering around Burton Bradstock, Lulworth Cove etc on the way, but ended up at the breathtaking Corfe Castle where those very nice people at the National Trust are allowing you to zip wire your bear!

Of course you must make sure that your bear is willinImageg and brave before allowing them to even consider this (and not leave her in the car – darling daughter!!) ….but having said that, if they do have last minute collywobbles, the National Trust have enlisted the services of their own style SAS in the form of brave teddies (tho we did spot a snake too!) who will make the jump for you.

Fortunately we had taken our ever brave bear, Lady Penelope Poshly-Paws (thanks to my hubby for running back to the car for her – darling daughter!!), who was more than willing to have a go and had even made sure she had on her Hello Kitty undies to save embarrassment as she zipped (very good job as one little boy and his dad did comment on this as she came down!!).

This is only a small part of what was going on at Corfe Castle that day so do check out the National Trust website to see what’s going on there or somewhere closer to you this week.

Happy Half Term – let me know if you get up to anything as zippy as Lady P P-P!!

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