Anyone need a charity photocopier?! (Exeter area)

I mean a photocopier FOR their charity of course, not a photocopier of charities….!

Sharing this message from the very nice people at Exeter Cleaning Company, who I follow on Facebook, just in case anyone knows of any Exeter based charity who could benefit from their very kind offer…. Hope it helps someone!

Exeter Cleaning

We need your help!

We have a working photocopier that we no longer need and we would like it to give it away to a local, Exeter charity. Photocopiers aren’t cheap but, rather than flog it, we’d rather a charity got some use out of it.

So, please could you share this status update so that as many people find out as possible and, if you are a local charity that would like a photocopier, please contact us (Like this page and then message us – there should be a message button at the top right of this page (just under the cover pic)). Once we’ve had a couple of requests, we’ll pick someone! 🙂

Thanks everyone! 🙂

(Facebook – Exeter Cleaning.  Tweeting as @exetercleaning.  Website –


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