Here I am at last!

Sorry, know it’s been ages….. but we are moved and settling into the new house. I did want a “SOLD” photo but apparently our estate agent doesn’t actually do those signs! We went straight from a sale agreed sign to him taking the sign away completely….which was a bit of a shame as the sign being in front of the new house was the only way I could identify which was ours!!

So, we’ve been here 4 weeks and 1 day and I wish I could tell you that we’re all unpacked but we’re not. We’ve got so much work to do on the house that most things have stayed in boxes stored in the garage. Here’s a photo of the day we moved in – fortunately it’s not quite that messy any more!

New House!

As I said….lots to do. Our first job, we thought, would be to get our daughter into her room. Things didn’t go quite to plan though. It turned out there was lots more to do to the house than we’d originally thought – ie daughter going up to scrub her teeth the first night and finding there was no running water in the bathroom! For some reason we’d not checked that when viewing the property. Well, you would assume…..wouldn’t you?!

Then, when my husband pulled up the carpet in daughter’s room to find why the floorboards were squeaking, it turned out that they weren’t loose…no, they’d been taken up and the previous owner had put down extra pipework, right on top of existing pipework so the new top pipes were wearing away the old pipes underneath. On top of this he’d used really big attachments to join the new pipework which actually stood proud of the bottom of the floorboards….so he’d chiselled away the back of said floorboards to house the pipes – leaving floorboards which were now so thin that they were bendy! So, of course all of that had to be sorted out before we could do the “normal” stuff like paint and decorate. Daughter did seem quite happy in the spare room in the meantime though, although it was a bit of a squash! Never mind…’ll all get done eventually and one day we’ll look back and laugh…..won’t we?!

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