A Good Kitchen To Cook (Yes!)

The best thing about the new house so far is the amount of room to work in the kitchen. Our first flat had a massive bedroom and front room but lacked severely in the bathroom (peachy orange – ick!) and the kitchen, which was so small that you had to enter sideways crab-style and then go back out again if you wanted to turn around to use the other side of the kitchen! It was so small that the only appliance that fitted was the cooker and everything else had to be kept in the front room. That of course meant a twin tub which had to be rolled into the hallway on washing day with a long stretch of hose to the kitchen sink…. The kitchen in our old house had lots of room but no surface space (designed by a man (sorry husband!)) so you’d end up having to create and cook on top of the hob – not ideal.

This kitchen has masses of room. It does need work but unfortunately the designer came on a day when I was at work and his plans reflect the opinions of not only my husband but my father, teenage daughter and her boyfriend. Their idea of kitchen heaven turned out to be taking away all the drawers (Noooooooo! I have so many drawers at the moment that I have a dedicated “party drawer”!) and have an American fridge (yes, lovely but for three of us?!) and wine racks. Needless to say, I wasn’t too pleased when I saw the drawings!

Party Drawer!

Party Drawer!

I think you’ll agree…..the party drawer has to stay!

Anyway, as I say, a lovely kitchen to cook so we’ve had some nice tasty treats at the moment including an apple and blackberry pie which would have had Mary Berry wailing as it had such a soggy bottom. It was delicious though, using honey instead of sugar because we all had colds – medicinal pie, yum, can’t beat it!

Soggy Bottom!

Soggy Bottom!

Then last weekend came two firsts for me – a goat’s cheese, thyme and fig tart and runner bean chutney. Both of them were delicious, though I say so myself – in fact in the case of the first I have to say so myself as the family wouldn’t eat it – bah humbug, their loss and all other statements made to make me feel better at their rejection! Think the chutney looks lovely in my Kilner Jars and wish I had more to try more chutneying – 6 weeks to wait to try the contents though – boooooooo!

MY tart!

MY tart!

6 weeks and counting!

6 weeks and counting!


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