Active Life, Active Mind

Did you know that October is Active Life, Active Mind month?  No? Well, check out the link for Devon Libraries here and get involved (please – that did sound a bit bossy, sorry!)

There’s lots going on all over Devon County so there should be something for everyone to join in with and have fun with, and perhaps find a new hobby along the way.  We’ve already had a drawing lesson from a local artist and an energising Tai Chi session at work….I raced off straight after that and swam 64 lengths of our local pool so it really DOES work! Unfortunately no-one had warned us that you need to know your left from your right when Tai Chi-ing which led to a few problems for some of us, but it was a great experience and we’re looking forward to the next session with some anticipation and stategic “where’s the best place to stand so the teacher can’t see us properly and notice our directional problems” plans.

Let me know if you give anything a go…..

Left? Right? Somewhere in between!

Left? Right? Somewhere in between!


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