Winter Window Competition

In association with home store Peddlars, Shutterly Fabulous have launched a competition for bloggers to share their festive windows for a chance to win some lovely prizes!

The idea is to decorate a window at home or work with a Christmas theme and then post an image on your blog and share it with Shutterly Fabulous. Sounded VERY tempting to me!

This will be our first Christmas in our new house and, apart from the fact we haven’t actually located the decorations since moving, we’re really looking forward to finding homes for our Christmas bits and pieces. Our daughter, however, decided she couldn’t wait for us to get our act in gear (probably very wise given the amount of boxes still left packed up in storage!), so we went out and got her a new tree, with decorations to match her new room, which she put together last night.

This was her room this morning….

Room with a view...of a shed!

Room with a view…of a shed!

….and here it is this afternoon!


I’ve got a bit of an addiction to drawing on windows since the crafty project at our local Gallery back in the summer, so have been in my daughter’s room today jolly-fying her window!

The gorgeous and delicate snowflakes were made with the help of my boss at work. They really are beautiful but it was more than a little tricky to find anywhere to Glue-Dot them!


We have cheated and cut our favourite reindeer card up from last year and put him in the forest overlooking the fun.

The figures are us! Well, hopefully no-one will be offended by their looky-likey otherwise we might be in for a bit of a quiet festive period!

Us! (kinda!)

Us! (kinda!)

The very, very, very sad thing is that I misjudged where I was drawing Father Christmas and his sleigh, so unfortunately there was no room to complete my spectacularly good picture of a reindeer….honest…. It is very sad but, well, you do get the general jist of what I was trying to do, don’t you?!


Slow down Rudolph, I can’t draw that fast!



Please let me know if you have a go at the competition too. It closes on 8th December so there’s plenty of time to take photos and blog before then…



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!