Our Perfect Christmas Day….


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
Silently, slickly the oven turns itself on
ensuring perfect turkey will be ready by one

Just as the dawn breaks through in the sky
With a slight jingle jangle Father Christmas comes by
Tucked up in their beds with just noses showing
our family are stirring and it’s just started snowing


 Quietly we all creep down the darkened stairway
delighted to see Santa stopped round by our way
The lights from the tree reflect on cheeks brightly glowing
Second by second the excitement is growing!

Gifts from the stockings are opened and shown
Not even satsumas and nuts bring forth a groan!
Laughter and delight echo all round
Dad with pants on his head, acting the clown!


Next to the kitchen “We’ll help with breakfast mummy!”
They know there’s no prezzies til they have food in their tummy!
Thanks to Argos the presents aren’t pricey, but given from the heart
and we’re over the moon with the kids homemade art

During the morning the neighbours pop in
For a nice warming sherry (for Mrs. S. a gin)
The kids fill them up with sausage rolls and a gerkin
and entertain them with dancing (tho thank goodness no twerking!)

1holler 039

 Back into the kitchen to get Christmas lunch ready
(We all love that stuffing that’s stodgy and bready)
The kids do the veggies, they love to take part
They even do sprouts which will guarantee a……healthy heart!

The table’s a triumph and looks so very pretty
You’d find nothing like this in the best restaurant in the city
The food looks fantastic, so we all help themselves
And the washing up will be done by the fantasy kitchen cleaning elves!


In the afternoon we make a call to gran, who lives quite afar
I thank her profusely for my new Madonna style bra
Gran’s over the moon with the Home’s brand new Wii
She’s been on the tightrope and is now learning to ski

Then it’s on with the mittens, gloves and a coat
“He who makes the best snowman can show off and gloat!”
The building is frantic, the snow piled so high
We’re having such fun as sun starts to set in the sky


As it gets colder we all troop back in
To play some fun boardgames; who’s going to win?
We spend a lovely evening cuddled up by telly
Daughter in her fairy outfit with one bright pink welly

Christmas doesn’t have to be too high tech, expensive or stressy
Who cares if the tree sheds or the floor gets too messy?
Rain, wind, snow or any other Christmas day weather
The only thing that matters is that we spend it together

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.