A New Craft Room!!!!

Hurray!!! I’m allowed a craft room!!

Since we moved we’ve had various discussions about the spare room and my husband did seem to have his eye on it. But over Christmas he actually moved into the garage instead (yeah, the bed looks great out there…..NOOOOOO, just to do work, honest!) which, in my view, left the spare room back up for grabs. My daughter does need room for her GCSE course work (she’s doing photography and art) but she can have the shed down the bottom of the garden (permanently if she doesn’t buck up her teenage moodiness – okay JOKING AGAIN!!!).

Since we moved in last year the spare room’s just been a dumping ground, so I spent ages in there the other morning having a sort out. I filled 2 black bags with rubbish and another with old clothes and thought I’d done really well….until my husband came home, went in there and went mad, accusing me of taking more stuff in there, not taking things out!!

Here’s a photo of what it looks like at the moment….after my tidying!


A bit disastrous to be honest isn’t it 😦 I keep seeing all these lovely things I’d like for the room on the internet and on Instagram, but the reality of it is that the other side of the room has 2 old white MDF 80’s style chests of drawers, which came from my old bedroom at my parents house 20+ years ago, and also houses the built-in unpainted MDF shelving that the former owner made. That’s so big that you’d need ladders and a head-light, like the ones cavers use, to see the back of it.

Still, faint heart never won a craft fair exhibition…or something…. I have got some primrose yellow paint to enhance the lovely dark green skirting and door frame, so that’s a start.

Wish me luck and watch this space!


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