Blow Harder!!!

I have to admit that I was a bit sad when I looked at the photos I’d taken for my daughter’s 15th birthday. Both the ones I’d taken at mum’s during our tea party and the ones the following day at the pier in Weston-Super-Mare were pretty poor quality. Rather than stay sad though I thought I’d stick them all together and have a bit of fun instead.

Mum claims that she didn’t know that the candles she bought for my daughter’s birthday cake were the very annoying ones that don’t actually blow out! My daughter quickly sussed it and took it all in very good humour. Mum did something similar to my sister when she was little with not such a good outcome. We were all biting our tongues not wanting to bring up the past….until fortunately my sister said “hey, didn’t you do that to me and I spent the rest of my party crying?”! Thank goodness she remembered herself, brought it up and now could laugh at it – and thank goodness the trick went off better this time!

My sister was actually the person who put my daughter out of her misery and showed her how to kill the bloomin’ things off for good, by wetting her fingers and squishing the wick – kids, don’t try this at home!

In the meantime I’ll blame the amount of smoke coming off the candles for the poor quality of the photos!


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