Selfies – the results are in!

Did you manage to do a whole month of selfies throughout April? Hope so! If you did, like me and Linda, please get in touch and let me see!

Have to say I quite enjoyed the project and liked being back to taking a photo a day following the 365 Challenge of some years back. I’m now looking for new challenges involving photos to take part in – please let me know if you do any or know of any I might be interested in. I’m looking forward to our monthly cookery challenge (see previous post) and looking forward to hearing more about Linda’s weekly photo alphabet project too.

I don’t like taking photos of myself any more than I did at the start of April and am no better at it, but there’s some very nice memories looking back over the month. Particularly like the photos of me and family and friends – took several shots of me and my nephew bursting bubbles before I found one where it didn’t look like I was poking him in the head though!!

Without more ado, here they are……

April Selfies 2


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