A is for……Arachnids

No offence to spider lovers but…..Eugh!

Spiders aren’t my favourites and this past week I’ve, unfortunately, managed to come up close and personal to some quite big ones. I’ve been working on clearing out the shed at the bottom of our garden. When we moved, back in August last year, everything just got dumped down there and we haven’t done a lot about sorting it out since then. I had a bit of spare time last week so I went down there to make a start. I quickly discovered that it was a bit of a spider haven with lots of them dashing away the second I walked in there. It’ll be fine I thought and (very) bravely carried on with my task. I was going very well until I found a brand new set of lolly makers – the type you put juice in and then put the stick/lid on and freeze yourself. Ideal I thought. Take those in the house and get some on the go….. Then one of the lids fell off….. and inside was a MASSIVE spider hotel (webfest? creepycastle? leggylair?!). Ew, ew, ew! Needless to say, we’ll be buying from the ice cream man from now on and not making our own.

Of course what do I find at work the following day? This book…..


Even if  you have kids and still don’t recognise this book I’m sure you’ve seen the name of the author before, although you may not immediately recognise it. Eric Carle is THE author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Didn’t realise he’d written more books? Well, not surprising really as that book is, undoubtedly, his best known.

Eric was born in New York way back in 1929 and has worked as an author and illustrator since 1966. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is in fact one of more than 60 books in which he’s taken some part, either as illustrator or author. All that hard work and I bet when people meet him at parties all he gets to talk about is THAT caterpillar, which he wrote about back in 1969! His latest book is a collaboration with 14 book artists to bring us What’s Your Favourite Animal? which was released this year. Wonder what Eric’s answer would be to that one?! Spiders isn’t my answer….


This post is part of Linda’s Weekly A-Z Photo Challenge

4 thoughts on “A is for……Arachnids

    • That’s a definite plus! I don’t usually mind them so long as they keep their distance. Think it’s the fact that I had so many of them in my hand inside something I was imagining licking that had me a bit squeemy on this occasion! 🙂


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