B is for …. Bean Babies!

I did have a thing about Beanie Babies a few years back, but these are FAR more satisfying, cheaper and won’t end up going dusty!

Having a larger garden is turning out to be good fun. Kev spent the day outside making wooden borders and this morning I’ve been TRYING to pot on the seedlings we have been growing in our new “greenhouse” (plastic tent type construction from Wilkos). I’ve been trying to make paper pots but so far they’ve been pretty unsuccessful. First YouTube video I tried to copy he obviously had a far superior (longer) paper than our local freebie and I ended up having a hissy fit and “recycling” my attempt part way through. Second one I tried copying photos which involved cutting down paper and rolling it around a bottle. Should have read through to the end before starting as I should have had a bottle with a concave bottom and mine was flat so everything just uncurled the minute I let go. Bah.

BUT, our baby beans are doing wonderfully! Runner beans are my absolute favourite so I’m really pleased that they’re coming on so well. Kev’s going to build a cane construction so we can get them planted out soon and then bring on the sun (please) and get them going!


B is also for birthday and today is Linda’s birthday. Happy birthday to her and thank you again for the great photo A-Z idea – see Linda’s blog for more details.

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