C is for …. Cheese and Chilli Cream Tea #LindasA-Z

Whilst I wouldn’t turn you down if you offered me your yummy packet of choccie biccies or homemade cake, savoury goodies are my real weakness. With this in mind I decided that C in Linda’s A-Z Challenge had to stand for a lovely cheese scone bathed in Philly and chilli jam from the South Devon Chilli Farm. We were lucky enough to visit the farm last year and that was where I tried my first savoury cream tea and where I first tried their chilli jam. I’ve been addicted ever since (SO nice on a cheese sandwich) and fortunately we can buy it in town at Champers Deli. I Googled a recipe for cheese scones (without cream as I didn’t have any), found a very easy BBC Good Food one and Bob’s your uncle (well, he’s my dad actually), here they are.


If you’ve never tried a savoury cream tea, I wholeheartedly encourage you to ditch the jam, cream and arguments about whether Devon/Cornwall style is best and get some cheese scones in the oven – I also recommend you eat them straight from the oven….but that’s just me.