D is for …. Dahlia #LindasA-Z



Okay……so perhaps you’re thinking this is more like dirt? Well, you’d be right at the moment but there is a dahlia lurking under there somewhere, promise.

Dahlias come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are amongst my favourite flowers. Big and in your face, small and shy, spiky or round, I’d have trouble telling you which was my top choice. We have planted one in our new garden but I can’t remember what sort it was (already, it’s my age) so am looking forward to it coming up and hoping I like it!

In our old garden we had a big spiky orange dahlia which used to take over the whole flowerbed and attack the postman on a regular basis. I’m sure if it was transplanted to the new garden it would seem far tamer given the size difference in the gardens. I’m hoping that whatever does come up does have attitude though!

In the meantime here’s some lovely dahlias in the gardens at Pecorama which are far more attractive than a bit of dirt!


This post is part of Linda’s A-Z Photography Challenge.


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