E is for …. Escaping #LindasA-Z

Prior to moving house we used to be very good at escaping. We just used to pile in the car and off we’d go. Sometimes with a plan to go somewhere new, or somewhere old, or just to see where we ended up. I hadn’t really realised that we’d stopped doing it so much, but looking back over the past year’s photos that I’ve taken, it’s obvious that we don’t do it so much. I’m not sure whether it diminished when we decided to move as we had so much to do to the old house before we left it, and then the new house when we moved in? But, whatever the reason, this week we’ve managed to get some good quality escaping done and it’s been blissful – like a mini holiday.

Kev had booked Thursday and Friday off work for his birthday so we’ve had a long weekend, which always helps with escaping. Thursday we went to a daytime showing of X-Men: Days of Future Past. If you’ve never been to the cinema during the day when everyone else is still at work, I encourage you to do so. I always look forward to a trip to the cinema and then spend much of the film being frustrated by the people who eat, chat and who don’t think the “turn off your phone” message can possibly relate to them. By going during the day, if you avoid school holidays, you eliminate most, if not all, of that problem. And Hugh Jackman’s backside……oooops, I mean the film, was great too!

Friday we were invited out for lunch with my parents, for Kev’s birthday. Rather than wait until lunch time my dad text me in the morning and said that he’d heard there’d be a fly-past in Lyme Regis in remembrance of D-Day, did we fancy going? Perfect escape material, off the cuff, unplanned and something very worthwhile going to see and a good way to remember those who sacrificed so much so that we can live the lives that we have since those dark and sad days.

Whilst the weather as we were leaving home was looking decidedly dodgy and we took raincoats, the weather at Lyme was so beautiful that we ended up sat on the seafront, having been to buy cold drinks and suntan lotion! Still managed to get burned though! Didn’t manage to get a decent photo of the fly-past, but this one of the sea front scene will remind me of a lovely morning.


We also managed to do a mini escape on Saturday after I’d finished work. My daughter and I went to the Awliscombe and Weston Fête which is held in the grounds of a local pub (what sensible people!). It’s by far my favourite fête of the year and a place where I manage to catch up with lots of lovely people, some of whom were the first I knew when we moved to Devon. We also managed to see our first ever duck race as well!

We didn’t manage to do quite so well as this man had with his escape session though! Had to zoom in hard to get a photo of him but I think this is the first time I’ve ever wished I was a into fishing!


All of this has gone to remind me how much I love escaping and what a great thing it is to be able to do. We still have a whole day of the weekend left so who knows what might happen?!