H is for … Happy

So what is it exactly?! A very portly dwarf from Snow White? A very annoying song which appears to be superglued in the charts? Or the official view which is…

hap-py (hapē)

1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

“Melissa came in looking happy and excited”.

2. fortunate and convenient

“he had the happy knack of making people like him”

(find the second one a bit odd, but there you go – it’s official!)

So, this elusive thing. Should we just be glad when we feel it, or should we try to document it? I’m coming down on the side of the first choice here. I recently TRIED a project called 100 Happy Days. Google it if you want a full description, but basically the idea was to submit a daily picture of what made you happy and to submit them with a hashtag to Facebook or other social media outlet. I thought it sounded brilliant and was convinced I wouldn’t be one of the 71% of people to “failed” the challenge. But, I lasted less than a month. Personally I don’t think I’ve failed but it’s a difficult concept to comply with. Not only does it assume that the happy thing is material or capturable, but that you’ll have a camera or mobile accessible at the time. And, the biggest downside, is that it makes you realise how much of the time you’re NOT ecstatically happy! So, to me it seems a much better thing to actually take the time to realise you’re happy, enjoy it, pack it away in your head to bring a smile at times you need a smile and move on to finding the next happy thing. By all means take a photo if you have a camera handy, but don’t add to the stress of life by forcing a happy capturable moment every day.

Oh, and be happy!




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