I is for …. iPod

Hmmm, now which should I choose that I wouldn’t like to survive without – iPod or iPad? In the end it had to be iPod. One of my happiest times is when I’m listening to music and I find the iPod, when you think back into the not too distant past of vinyl, cassette and cd, amazing.

My collection is, not surprisingly, mostly 80’s with some others older and one or two newer. They list from AC/DC (it was Abba but they seem to have disappeared on the last update) to ZZ Top (oh, thank goodness for ZZ Top otherwise the last one would be The Wombles and I’d have to admit that to you……oh.).

Just about everything about my iPod makes me happy. I won it from a competition run by Coke and it’s engraved with a bottle of Coke on the back of it. I love my current headphones which match the stitching on my favourite shirt and my swimming bag (I am so easily pleased) and, of course, the music makes me very happy too. I listen to it mostly when I’m walking (Slade is very good for walking to surprisingly – great beat) or when I’m trying to ignore people….I’m amazed I’m not surgically attached to it! I listen to it FAR too loud and my hearing has suffered but…

So I love you iPod – you are the happiest “i” thing I can think of (okay, so I’ll probably think of something else i-ish that I should have featured seconds after posting this!)


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