J is for … Jolly Jaunts, Japes and Journeys

Hmmm, perhaps that’s cheating, but what the heck!

We’re just home from our yearly jaunt to North Wales, my favourite place in the country (so far, but then if we go to the same place every year there isn’t much competition is there?!) and we had a lovely time. We took Holly’s friend Annabel this year – the first time we’ve taken anyone along to witness the madness – so we were all on our best behaviour meaning there wasn’t any of the usual family bickering or moaning (well, not as much as usual anyhow). I was worried the girls would be bored as we follow pretty much the same routine every year, but they seemed quite happy to be dragged to ancient tea-rooms where you hold on for dear life walking up and down the stairs and to visit the family…..in the graveyard! To be fair, Holly knew this would happen beforehand so Annabel had been warned and didn’t seem too phased by it!

We had good fun crabbing, which the girls put in a special request for. Annabel was the star of this catching an eel which made us all squeal (though Kev won’t admit to that I’m sure!). We ate massive cakes, chased steam trains, ate ice-creams and fed chaffinches at the foot of Mount Snowdon, paddled in the sea, the girls drove the car on the beach, nosed at castles, peered over massive reservoir walls, spotted Red Kites, watched crazy entertainment, played 2p machines and we played a new MAD version of table hockey which regularly drops a mass of smaller pucks while you’re trying to defend against the main one. Wasn’t just coincidence that I was always on the winning team I’m sure….

We fitted in a brilliant day trip to Dublin (booked 48 hours ahead on the ferries they want you to travel on this only costs £10 each with Stenaline fact fans….or a fiver if you go on a Tuesday!) which everyone thought was a great success – so much so that the girls have decided they’d like to live there!

Not bad given we were only there 3 whole days with 2 travelling is it?!

Here’s a photo montage and roll on next year I say!



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