Have you had a good summer so far? We have, but we’ve had a little bit of help!

Whilst looking for things to do I came across a blog post from Dragons & Fairydust which linked to a page on the Hillarys website which contained not one great list of things to do but FOUR of them, with a massive 40 great ideas for summery activities, ranging from the quick and simple to the more complicated and challenging but, best of all, cheap or free things to do! Hurray!!

I toyed with the idea of coming up with a new ending for one of my favourite films from when I was in my teens, Pretty in Pink but, without giving too much away, if you’re more of a Duckie fan than a Blehhhhane fan, you should read the book anyway instead of watching the film for a far more satisfactory finish. Oh. Um. Actually that did give a bit too much away didn’t it?!

'ere, 'ands off my blackberries you!

‘ere, ‘ands off my blackberries you!


We attempted a blackberry hunt but were a little early to find any ripe and when we did find some growing they were being guarded by a big and fierce protector, so we gave that a miss.




Our true decision on a summer pursuit was, however, decided for us. We were sat in the car after a trip to Dartmoor when Kev said “Blimey, look at that geezer!”. My eyes shot left and right looking for an escapee from Dartmoor Prison running past in a suit covered in arrows (I’m so old) being chased by a gang of policemen blowing whistles and waving truncheons (so, so, so old!) but my daughter was more astute saying “That’s no geyser, it’s an explosion!!”. I was getting seriously worried by then! I finally looked upwards at their pointing fingers and found out they were both wrong, there was actually a cauliflower in the sky.

Of course then the madness really did begin. Here’s a set of clouds depicting He-Man running (sideways on, the big cloud with the grey is his muscly arm…honest!). What can he be running after? Turns out it’s a fox. Well, that’s not very He-Man-ish is it?! Well, get this, it’s SO not He-Man-ish as both he and the fox are being pursued by a big fat cat (not even Battlecat!!) which is about to bite He-Man’s bum!! Tut. So much for heros! Next time we look for She-Ra!

He-Man? Superhero? Pah!

He-Man? Superhero? Pah!

Going off at a tangent….feeling hungry? Well maybe you will after this amazing BACON cloud!!!


(VERY spookily at this point that nice Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 has just started playing Cloud Number 9 by Bryan Adams – I have goosebumps at his timing!)

There’s hope for the lovelorn amongst us too, thanks to this cloud which clearly shows there is a bright shining light of hope coming through behind that poor old broken heart…


We found this lovely mole poking his head out of his hole and looking to his right to admire the sunset….

Goodnight Ratty. Goodnight Mr. Toad.

Goodnight Ratty. Goodnight Mr. Toad.

And of course we had to look for a dragon in honour of Dragons & Fairydust as a thank you for pointing us in the way of Hillarys’ summer of fun (and madness, and neck ache!). Here’s one in the evening sky (with close up of his head just in case you can’t see it as clearly as we can!!).

2014-08-211So, a HUGE thank you to Hillarys and Dragons & Fairydust because we’ve had such great fun looking for shapes in the sky. I won’t bore you with the hundreds of photos we took of what we believed to be hilarious clouds which we just couldn’t fathom out when we got home!!

I’ll just leave you with this fantastic thought (you’ll love me for this one!!) – it’s only 126 days until Christmas – which is why Rudolph’s out practicing for his night out on the skies with Father Christmas (see, even a red nose! See? SEE?! PLEASE tell me you can see! And pretend you can’t see he morphed into the dragon a little later!).

Go Rudi, go!!

Go Rudi, go!!

Remember, even though Christmas is looming, summer is not over yet! Please go and check out the list on Hillarys’ website for yourself and have some summer fun. Summer’s certainly looked up (groan!) for us since we visited the site!