K is for …. Katherine

My friend Katherine quite often helps me with ideas for this alphabetically challenging game – usually with a “nooooo, don’t do that!” in the right places (fortunately! Not brave enough to tell you the things I WAS going to post without her helpful censoring!), so when it came to the letter K I thought I had the very best idea of what, or who, to feature … until I spoke to her about it that is!

Quite honestly I should have known better because, like me, Katherine has a very sensible aversion to having her photo taken. Why give people photographic evidence eh?! I’m completely with her on that one. However she was obliging in other ways. She did tell me that if I put a photo of her on my blog I would feel the full force of her Knee….


If that wasn’t scary enough she did also threaten a Knuckle sandwich (see, she is being obliging…kinda, in a threatening sorta way!).


Just as well she didn’t remember this one from back in April or she could have threatened a double whammy of a Knuckle sandwich combined with a good Kick!!


All joking aside, Katherine is such a lovely, Kind and caring friend and my life is much richer with her in it. I shall raise a glass to you my lovely friend, just making sure it’s not the one you just gave me for my birthday (ick!). K most definitely is for my friend Katherine.


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