A-Z Foodie Challenge – F is for Flour UPDATE!

I missed a whole section out of my previous post, so I’d like to put that right as well as adding photos that Frances has let me have for her delicious looking creation using flour.

For my birthday this year my best friend Katherine bought me some “unusual” presents, one of which being a very classy egg separator….


I won’t insult your intelligence by describing how it works but I just wanted to let Katherine know, despite her assurances that IIMG_2094 could just put it on eBay unused, I have used it and very helpful it was too! The first egg I used can’t have been too fresh as the yolk broke and became “bogey-fied” but second attempt, with a fresh box of eggs, worked perfectly and was indeed very helpful as I’m a bit squeamish about eggs (one of those childhood things that I won’t explain). Thank you very much Katherine!

So, from one section of cobblers to another – courtesy of Frances! Her flour recipe looks amazing and I’ve asked her for the recipe.

Frances says “It’s carrot and butternut squash casserole, slow cooked for 4 hours.  It’s topped off with Stilton cobblers which I browned off in the oven for 10 minutess at the end. Delicious and I’ve now made it 3 times!”


Linda’s gone for the sweet option for flour with some delicious looking Oaty Cranberry Cookies. Check out her blog post for the recipe and let me know if you have a go at making them!


5 thoughts on “A-Z Foodie Challenge – F is for Flour UPDATE!

  1. Oh, I missed your Birthday?! 😦 Shame on me. 😦

    Can you explain to me, what is going on with flour? It’s matter of any recipe with flour? Or not quite?

    Btw, I never had any problems with separate eggs. 😛 Probably separator will be of other purposes. (More crafty stuff. ) 😀

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    • Nooooo, it was ages ago, back in August – just took me a long time to need to separator! Perhaps the separator would make a good glitter sprinkler to save getting it on my clothes?!

      Yes, any recipe with flour at all – whatever you like. Next time we have to do a recipe with Goat’s Cheese! 🙂

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  2. Ohhh, you’re so clever. Will ask Wendy. Even when I’m not cooking a lot I’m eating a lot….though I haven’t eaten any of the cake I bought this morning, yet. Can’t say the same for the sausage rolls though!


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