Q is for …. Qué?!

Our trip to Tenerife did leave us with a few questions, so where better to air them than in our photographical alphamabetical theatre?

It started by me noticing a shop called Bazar Raquel and deciding that, when (not if) I run away to Tenerife it would be absolutely ideal to take over and have a ready made business….although perhaps amending the name to Bizarre would be more fitting.

After that these signs kept popping up and had me questioning “why?”! You can see what I mean….


I was expecting to see poultry photos rather than shoes, but I quite like it! But not as much as I like this!


Mami comes to Tenerife – who knew?! Or do they mean mummy not Miami? The sign is enough to make you very cherfull though 🙂

We booked tIMG_0623hree trips during our time from these lovely people, and their name was one of the attractions….

I’m sure they’d attract even more customers if they exchanged the G for a B though!

We did begin to wonder whether there was perhaps a corrupt signwriter locally who was charging everyone extra for unwanted and needless lettering? Or someone with a Spanish/English Dictionary which had a few pages missing? But then I thought perhaps a more reasonable explanation was that it pulled in naive or nosy foreigners who came along to point out the mistakes in their signage who were then hooked, found some rare item that they just COULDN’T live without and another sale was made there and then to someone who might not have called in other than to point out the spelling error?! Interesting concept – might try it myself one day!

It does seem however that, no matter how much the islanders bend over to make the English feel at home, they don’t share one of the obsessions we have over here…..


True to their signage though, we didn’t see a single garden gnome the whole time we were there!

This is the sign which really made us laugh though – both the description of boat rental being “very funny” and “very stable and safe” when three of the boats show are actually airborne was enough to keep us chuckling, if not enough to have us going down to the harbour to book up!