The Best Bit of Autumn…..

In a recent blog post Sykes Cottages asked us to let them know about our favourite bit of autumn. I was quite excited at the prospect because I do love autumn above all other seasons. The smell, the feel, the crispness and crunchiness. Seeing your breath steaming out of your mouth, proving that you really are alive and kicking, and I would also argue with you that autumn is one of the best times of year to go on a UK holiday!

If the price of holidays in the summer is off-putting for you, it’s often possible to pick up something cheaper later on in the year. Whereas rain in a summer holiday puts a complete damper on everything, rain during an autumn holiday is a VERY good excuse to curl up in front of the fire with a good book, put your feet up and relax. The last autumn holiday we went on, to Cornwall, the cottage didn’t have a tv and it was WONDERFUL! We were lucky enough to have cat visitations too – here’s Holly curled up on the floor with Mippett, both of them looking very cozy and happy. Can’t see that having happened during a summer holiday!


Attractions are often open all year round these days and, unlike summer, you’re IMG_1567able to look around uninterrupted and for far longer without the pressure to move on because of the crowds. We had a lovely time looking around both St. Michael’s Mount and the Minack Theatre and were fortunate enough to call at the latter on a day a music video was being filmed, which we were more than welcome to sit and watch.

We also managed a trip to the Eden Project, which was lovely to see without the crowds and during a different season. It was in fact so quiet that the steps up to the top viewing platform were open and we had a real birds eye view. The first time we’d been able to get up there as it had been closed when we’d visited previously in the summer.

IMG_1660Even if attractions aren’t your thing, a UK holiday in the autumn can be a richly rewarding pleasure just by going for walks in the countryside with your trusty camera at your side. Here’s a selection of my favourite autumnation……


So really, what could be more beautiful than a UK autumnal holiday? Stunning scenery and snuggled up nights – it’s really my favourite bit of autumn.


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