My Sunday Photo – Like it or not, it’s coming! #MySundayPhoto


Sorry!!!! Is it too early for this?!

This week the Christmas lights were turned on in Exeter, as I suspect was the case in many parts of the country. Whilst we didn’t get to go in for the grand unveiling, we did have a trip into town last night, primarily to go and see the Christmas Market on the Cathedral Green. I was hoping to get some photos of that to share, but when we walked through the Guildhall and I saw this, I just couldn’t resist!

I am still a way away from feeling Christmassy and it does feel a little too early for me but with a display this breathtaking and “wow”-worthy, why just keep it to a short few weeks in December, why not make it now and make the most of it? I’ll definitely be going back for another look! Even Scrooge would smile – honest!!