Mind Yer Nuts! #MySundayPhoto #AnimalTales


Whilst we’ve spotted squirrels scurrying around in the trees in the garden which backs on to ours before, this is the closest encounter I’ve had so far! He was sat on the garden fence directly opposite our bird feeder, which has a nut feeder on it. Wonder what he had in mind?! Would have loved to catch him in action. It would have been such a feat of daring and upside down dangling if he had gone for it that it would really have been a case of at your heart out Milk Tray man!!




21 thoughts on “Mind Yer Nuts! #MySundayPhoto #AnimalTales

  1. Molly @ The Move to America says:

    So cute – there is a squirrel who is in love with my husband. It runs at him when he leaves for work and then lovingly watches him as he drives off (I swear it waves at him too). We have never fed it, so I have no idea where the attachment to my husband comes from!

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    • Do you know, dad was asking me yesterday about some things we’d planted in the garden and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen them….. Will go and investigate and might be doing some finger pointing very soon!!


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