I See Sea Birds! #AnimalTales

We’d never been to Poole before, but found ourselves there and having a lovely afternoon walking around the old town and harbour area.

I think Oystercatchers must be very common around the edge of the water in this area as we were the only ones walking along taking any notice of them whatsoever! With the amount of noise they were making as they flew along the waters edge, they were hard to ignore. Some were picking along alone and others in big groups. With their amazing long beaks they made fascinating watching (well, to us at least!).


We then spotted this beauty, sitting quite happily just down from a busy bridge and road, seemingly unbothered by the noise of the traffic. We thought it might be a juvenile shag, but to be honest weren’t quite sure. My plea for anyone out there who might be able to identify him/her was kindly answered by Stella Lee @Purfylle – thank you very much for your help! Obviously our first up close and personal with a cormorant 🙂



10 thoughts on “I See Sea Birds! #AnimalTales

    • Sounds like a great excuse to get down to the beach to me! The people at Guardhouse Cafe, Berry Head, Devon have a message on Facebook this morning to say they’ve counted 1,381 Guillemots on the cliffs below their cafe this morning! Glad they didn’t lose count half way!


  1. Lucas says – Wow! What a great photo- that bird looks a bit like it could live with dinosaurs. I love watching birds and we have a naughty Heron that keeps flying into a neighbours garden as she has a pond. She says a few naughty words to the bird but I really like watching him! #animaltales

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  2. We have cormorants near us on the Thames. This always cheers me up, because cormorants mean fish! My son is currently a bit distraught because they are building some new landing stages, and he suspects that the tatty old one they currently roost on is under threat.

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