T is for …. Tulips

Why I didn’t just call this blog “and then it all went wrong” instead dodging the true facts with A Good Day To Dye (NOT!) I don’t know. It must have been obvious from that title that things weren’t going to go my way, and then most of my blog posts do contain a confession that things haven’t gone to plan….and here’s another of those posts!!!!

Pinterest, I have to say, seems to set me up for a fall every time. The people who do craftiness on there must be perfect and I’m not. By putting the bar so high I’m bound to jump and just slide on under it I think!

So, this time I saw an idea for growing tulips in glasses with just glass beads (or treasure as Holly used to call it when she was little) for the roots to grow around rather than growing them in soil. On the Pinterest photo they looked amazing and, as my sister’s a big fan of yellow tulips and has a young son who is eager to learn things, I thought I’d give it a go…..

The “and then it all went wrong” starts right now!!! I was completely in the wrong season to buy tulips, I couldn’t find any tall, narrow necked glasses or any glass nuggets/beads. You’d have thought I’d give up then wouldn’t you? But no. I went down to mum’s and asked if she had my old marble collection (just to prove I hadn’t lose ALL of my marbles), picked up some plastic beads, found a narrow necked vase in a charity shop…. and then enlisted my husband’s help for the rest. We picked up some glasses from the supermarket which, in all honesty, weren’t tall enough. Kev then convinced me to buy…..tulips that were already growing in soil and extract them….. Yes. You can stop cringing now. And I’d skip viewing the next photo altogether if I were you….


Um, yeah…. I really did un-pot them, split them and…..wash off all the roots :/ Are you ready to contact the RSPT yet?

IMG_2649As a result, they didn’t look tooooooo bad. Of course the marbles and plastic beads wouldn’t mix together as they were different weights which made me even more ratty (oh, didn’t I admit I was very grumpy by this stage yet?!). The one in the vase, which I’d already earmarked for my sister, really did look much better than those in the too short long glasses (if you see what I mean).

Once I was convinced it wasn’t going to shrivel up and die with the shock of it’s “robust” treatment, I turned up on my sister’s doorstep and thrust it into her waiting hands with a “here this is for you, sorry it’s gone wrong”. My poor family…..

Fortunately the rest of the tulips thrived and moved into the front room and onto the top of the new fireplace. Only one, to be honest, has been completely successful, and it isn’t really as yellow as I had been led to believe it would be but, from disaster, comes tulip. Will I try again? Not sure. Has anything positive come from this experience? Yes, I realise I am probably too honest for my own good!


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