Sunny Sidmouth #MySundayPhoto


Kev had a very rare day off this week. When I say rare, it was actually the first time he’s had off work this year and was in fact one of three days he had booked off over Christmas and was asked to cancel. He’s paid for it though – Thursday night he arrived home at 8.40pm and he’s at work for his second Sunday in a row. Not that I’m being grumpy about this at all on his behalf of course (yes I am).

However we did have a lovely day, and the weather was actually far nicer than it is so far today. We started the day early with a climb up to the top of Roundball Hill to watch the Solar Eclipse. Although largely cloudy, the sun did break through at the most important times and we managed to get a good view of the whole of the moon’s passage across the sun.

We were aiming for brunch out at the pub but by the time we’d got ourselves sorted we had lunch instead – Fish Friday Special – yum! Far nicer than breakfast (or at least on a par)! We spent the afternoon walking through Sidmouth’s gorgeous Connaught Gardens area where it was so warm and sunny we sat on a bench for half an hour drinking in the view with our coats off. Shame it was so far to walk for an ice cream as that would have finished things off perfectly!


26 thoughts on “Sunny Sidmouth #MySundayPhoto

  1. Neesie23 says:

    I wander’d lonely as a cloud. That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host of golden daffodils…
    Gorgeous photo and I’m glad you were able to enjoy them with your hubby.
    My hubby hasn’t had a day off work yet… and not one in sight :/

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    • Ahhh, lovely to hear the poem. Glad I didn’t think of it at the time or I’d have been even more tempted to prance around with a daff between my teeth!

      Hope your hubby gets a day off soon :/ It’s very hard isn’t it? x


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