An Evening Stroll in Dawlish #MySundayPhoto

IMG_1530We’re so lucky in this part of the country, particularly now that the clocks have changed and the evenings stay light for so much longer. We’re only a short car journey from a lovely evening walk. It had been ages since we’d been to Dawlish Warren or Dawlish and our main objective on this particular evening was actually to get food. I’d Googled “best places to get fish and chips in Devon” and had come up with a result which showed a mobile Street Kitchen called La Cantina. On further investigation it turned out that they now had a static site in Dawlish Warren. Looking at the menu and photos on Facebook, we decided to give it a go and weren’t disappointed! After a lush burger we decided a walk around the coast was in order.

After the devastation to the sea wall and railway line in Dawlish in February 2014, an ongoing rebuild has been taking place. It was interesting to see the site storing equipment still being used to repair and maintain the wall at the far end of Dawlish Warren and on the beach at Dawlish. Part of the wall is still closed to the public closer to Dawlish as the work to repair it continutes. None of this stops it being a lovely walk with wonderful views though, so if you’re in the area do stop off and you could definitely do worse than calling at La Cantina for some of their wonderful “real chips”!


Hembury Fort – more photos!

If you’d like to read more about Hembury Fort after my previous post, this site tells you lots!

It seemed a shame not to share more photos too, so here you go!

IMG_1437IMG_1445IMG_1450IMG_1480IMG_1489The final photo’s taken from the car park and shows an alternative route to the one we took – there are details of that walk on a board in the carpark and we look forward to going that way some time in the future.

Donkey Heaven #AnimalTales

Hope everyone managed to get out and make the most of our last Bank Holiday weekend until the end of August? We didn’t do all that much it has to be said, but managed to get some much needed work done in the garden (well, Kev did and I’ve been busy appreciating it!). Funny, we don’t feel the need to go out and do things on this bank holiday, but the one that drives Kev crazy is Easter bank holiday when everything is closed. Every year I have to remind him that NOTHING will be going on Easter Sunday…which we found out in the most dramatic way when he decided to change our bathroom suite in the old house one Easter when Holly was tiny. Unfortunately he had ripped out the old bathroom before finding out that the new suite had parts missing. A rush to try to find the missing parts on Easter Sunday proved a wasted journey and we had to camp out at my parents overnight. Hard to believe there were days when everything was closed every bank holiday and on Sundays too….

Anyway, there is a place open to visit on Easter Sunday – Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary is open 365 days a year, is free to look around and was packed with people on that particular day this year.


We’ve been going for years and years, before and after Holly was born, and it was lovely to see how things had changed since we last visited.  This, however, had to be my favourite new addition. Can you imagine how impressed Baloo would have been with this Bear, or rather Donkey, Necessity?!

IMG_3003Please do check out the website for the Sanctuary from the link above if you’d like to know more about their work to help donkeys the world over.

Who’d Have ‘Fort It?! #MySundayPhoto


I know, bluebells again! Sorry! We weren’t actually planning to go look at any more but when we were coming home from Exeter yesterday evening via the scenic route, Kev suddenly said should we pop up to have a look at Hembury Fort. Seemed like a very good idea as it’s been years and years since we’ve visited. It was such a lovely evening, this photo was taken after 6pm, and the sun coming through the trees on the way to the bluebells was lovely. The leaves are so beautiful, light green and fresh looking and, by comparison, the trunks and the branches appear almost black at times. It really is a stunning effect.  I’ll pop on some more photos later in the week hopefully.


Stepping out of the Shadow….

… introduce you to the new boy in our lives.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan with our adoption of Cartman the cat last month. We thought we’d bitten off more than we could chew, but sadly it was he who was a bit too handy with his teeth. We weren’t able to stop him biting in totally unprovoked attacks. Cats Protection League were more than understanding when we called to say we had a problem and said that we should take him back immediately to have another chance at being rehomed. I’m hoping he has found a new home where he’s happier now. I think perhaps somewhere with just adults or out of town would be good as Holly was scared of him, and we were worried about the children living in our street in case they came the wrong side of his teeth.

We were pretty shaken by the whole episode but decided that we did want to go ahead and have another cat in our lives. When he was calm, he was a lovely cat, happy to sit with you and follow your every move. It was like having a little shadow at times.

And now we have a real Shadow! He came to us from the local branch of CPL, is three years old and, sadly, had been with them for several months. Did you know that traditionally black cats are difficult to rehome? Can’t understand why!

Shadow was VERY nervous when he first came home with us, spending his first night hidIMG_1363den behind the curtains under the table. Much of the second day was spent hidden under the settee and then, when he did venture out, trying to find any other hiding places he could…..This one nearly gave ME kittens…..!

Thankfully he managed to get down as easily as he’d got up there and, after a few days was settling in nicely and even taking a few tentative steps at beginning to play with his toys and scratching post.

This is him looking far more relaxed, just one week in.

IMG_3115So, hopefully this time we’ve got it right and Shadow will continue to be a happy and content member of our family. I hope that this time I’ll get to share lots more stories with you, and bore you to tears with photos of him too!


A New Job! #MySundayPhoto

IMG_1354My baby has her first job proper paid job!!!!! We spotted this last Saturday as she was on her way to her Honiton Lace making class. She popped in for an application form, filled it in and took it back straight after her lace class (thanks Annabel!). She had a phone call less than an hour later, as we were driving into Exeter for our prom dress shopping day, inviting her for an interview on Wednesday just gone. It was a working interview, after which she was told that they’d make a decision between her and the other applicants by the end of the following day.

I had a phone call from an ecstatic daughter the following lunch time – they’d called her on her mobile at school to tell her the job was hers! She starts next Saturday…..very early!! Fingers crossed!

Well done baby! Very proud of you x