Donkey Heaven #AnimalTales

Hope everyone managed to get out and make the most of our last Bank Holiday weekend until the end of August? We didn’t do all that much it has to be said, but managed to get some much needed work done in the garden (well, Kev did and I’ve been busy appreciating it!). Funny, we don’t feel the need to go out and do things on this bank holiday, but the one that drives Kev crazy is Easter bank holiday when everything is closed. Every year I have to remind him that NOTHING will be going on Easter Sunday…which we found out in the most dramatic way when he decided to change our bathroom suite in the old house one Easter when Holly was tiny. Unfortunately he had ripped out the old bathroom before finding out that the new suite had parts missing. A rush to try to find the missing parts on Easter Sunday proved a wasted journey and we had to camp out at my parents overnight. Hard to believe there were days when everything was closed every bank holiday and on Sundays too….

Anyway, there is a place open to visit on Easter Sunday – Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary is open 365 days a year, is free to look around and was packed with people on that particular day this year.


We’ve been going for years and years, before and after Holly was born, and it was lovely to see how things had changed since we last visited.  This, however, had to be my favourite new addition. Can you imagine how impressed Baloo would have been with this Bear, or rather Donkey, Necessity?!

IMG_3003Please do check out the website for the Sanctuary from the link above if you’d like to know more about their work to help donkeys the world over.

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