X is for … X-Rated! #A-ZPhotoChallenge #AnimalTales 01/03/2016

Okay….promise me that you won’t zoom in on this photo of a squirrel…..and his nuts!!


I SWEAR I had no idea until I got home and looked at the photo on the computer screen – honest!

I was actually disappointed with the quality of the photos I’d taken on my phone – every one was fuzzy, but there’s still…..erm…..a lot of detail on some of them!

This was one of my morning walks. It was a lovely one; late enough to miss the school kids and the dog walkers, so I wasn’t tempted to stop and natter, but I was absolutely amazed at the number of squirrels who were out and playing in the winter sunshine – so I stopped walking anyhow!

Usually I see the odd one or two squirrels, but there were masses of them, in very high spirits from the warmth I think. They were darting up and down the trees, jumping over the river and running in and out of the gardens which adjoin this wooded area. It was a lovely sight.

I did get one more reasonable-ish photo….


I showed this one (thankfully not the other one!) to my nephew, Euan, who is three, and asked him what it was. His answer? A rabbit….




Pin Up Boy! #AnimalTales


Well, when Shadow came to live with us we had no idea about his secret career as a Calendar Cat! We have a constant stream of girl cats knocking down the cat flap trying to get in to get his paw print – honestly, we could do with kittyguards on the door 24/7 to keep off the caterwauling fans!


Okay, perhaps that’s not entirely true, but when Shadow first came to live with us you may remember he was a very shy and nervous boy who had a myriad of hiding places. When he began to settle down, this was one of the first photos I managed to get of him playing with one of his new toys. I was so pleased at the change in him that I sent the photo to the local Cats Protection to show them the transformation. I had an email back from them to ask whether I’d like enter Shadow’s photo into the competition to appear in their fundraising calendar – well, of course! I was so pleased to see that he “made it” and is October’s pin-up, which is quite appropriate given that 27th October is National Black Cat Day!

It’s a really beautiful calendar full of lots of local rescued cats and a great idea as I’m sure all of the owners of its starring cats bought at least one copy, like us!

So, if you’d like to form an orderly queue, Shadow will be available soon for autographs…..!  I’ll leave you with a photo of Obie, yet another local stunning pin-up. Aren’t we rich in handsome kitties around here?!