Pin Up Boy! #AnimalTales


Well, when Shadow came to live with us we had no idea about his secret career as a Calendar Cat! We have a constant stream of girl cats knocking down the cat flap trying to get in to get his paw print – honestly, we could do with kittyguards on the door 24/7 to keep off the caterwauling fans!


Okay, perhaps that’s not entirely true, but when Shadow first came to live with us you may remember he was a very shy and nervous boy who had a myriad of hiding places. When he began to settle down, this was one of the first photos I managed to get of him playing with one of his new toys. I was so pleased at the change in him that I sent the photo to the local Cats Protection to show them the transformation. I had an email back from them to ask whether I’d like enter Shadow’s photo into the competition to appear in their fundraising calendar – well, of course! I was so pleased to see that he “made it” and is October’s pin-up, which is quite appropriate given that 27th October is National Black Cat Day!

It’s a really beautiful calendar full of lots of local rescued cats and a great idea as I’m sure all of the owners of its starring cats bought at least one copy, like us!

So, if you’d like to form an orderly queue, Shadow will be available soon for autographs…..!  I’ll leave you with a photo of Obie, yet another local stunning pin-up. Aren’t we rich in handsome kitties around here?!



I AM Going Outside! #AnimalTales

When Shadow moved in with us we had strict instructions that he should be kept inside for 3 to 4 weeks so that he got used to us and used to his new home. At first this didn’t appear to be a problem. We weren’t sure if he had ever been allowed outside before, and whenever we opened the door to the garden he hid at the far side of the kitchen with his eyes popping out of his head with shock! After he’d been with us for just over a week though, that changed when he suddenly decided he WAS going to be an outside cat, and most definitely wasn’t waiting 3 to 4 weeks for it to happen. He seemed quite happy to come out sit and watch the washing being hung out, or Kev working on the garden…and then suddenly Kev turned his back one day and Shadow was up and on the garden fence. Shadow was actually very sensible about it and walked the length of the gardens on our street on top of all the fences, having a nose as he went along. Hanging out of Holly’s bedroom window with my camera lens zoomed right out, I could just about spot him. IMG_1390 Not knowing if this was his first outdoor venture ever, Kev decided to go out of our back gate and follow him along the lane. He came back shortly afterwards to get Shadow’s treats to try to tempt him back to the garden. A while later I heard him come back again and went downstairs to greet the pair of intrepid adventurers….just in time to see Kev walking up the garden with blood dripping from his nose! The moral of the story of course is not to try to carry pet treats in one hand and a fully clawed up cat (who hasn’t been out of a pen for much more than a week in the past 3-4 month to blunt off those claws!) under the other arm! Waiting to see if Shadow would come back of his own accord was nerve wracking, but seeing him walking along that fence up to our house was so pleasing. And when he did it again and again, meaning he WANTED to come back and had chosen to be part of our family, well, that was just wonderful. With his cat flap now fitted into the kitchen door he goes and, even better, comes back as he wishes. As we’re getting to know more about him, he seems to be night time cat – happy to laze around the house all day and then go out prowling in the evenings. They grow up so quickly!! IMG_1730 ANIMALTALES