PLEASE HELP! Raise money for Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This is a really simple competition from Wineweaver – make a Cork Buddy and they will donate money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  As the end date is 31st October, I’m just going to link details in the hope that some of you may be able to, or want to, enter – the more entries they get the more they will donate to Pink Month.

Hoping we’ll have time to go ourselves so I’ll update this post as and when. If you have a go I’d love to see your photos. If you’re able to share this info with your blog followers, Facebook, Twitter or any other friends, I’d be REALLY grateful!

Wine Weaver Donate to Pink Week Link!

This is their example!



Nearly got in SERIOUS trouble with husband’s you-must-not-touch-this-as-you-will-get-stuck-to-it-do-you-understand? glue today. Can kind of see what he’s going on about now as I was at one point stuck to my cork. Then it was stuck to the dining table. I have now stuck, quite possibly literally, a placemat over that sticky bit on the table, so hopefully no-one will notice…or want to move it. Anyhoooo, here’s the result!! Our Wineweaver #corkbuddies. Friends will not be surprised to hear that I think we have fairies at the bottom of our garden…..

"We live at the bottom of Rachel's garden!"

“We live at the bottom of Rachel’s garden!”

Mum’s having a go too, so will hopefully post her buddies soon 🙂