Cupcakes with friends #mysundayphoto


Last week didn’t go to plan in many ways and often things had to be changed at last minute, meaning I didn’t get to do some of things I wanted to do…..but at least my friend Chris and I did manage (eventually!) to get out for a hot chocolate and a rather beautiful looking cake, in a place we wouldn’t have gone if things hadn’t gone against our plans! So perhaps sometimes things go awry for a purpose?

Go with the flow…..your reward will be cake!


V is for …. VIP!

My baby, I can hardly believe I’m writing this, turned 16 yesterday! How the heck did that happen?! Only seems like minutes ago I was in the car on the way to hospital…. and we’ll go no further with that line of thought!

Yesterday was a lovely day…not quite how I’d imagined she’d want to spend her 16th birthday – paintballing with a group of friends – but they had such a good time that it really was the right choice. She’s a bit sore today but, hey, that will just remind her what a good day it was….every single time she tries to move!

I’ve spent this morning looking through old photos so I could put together a couple of montages to show her what a very important person she is. Hopefully none of them are too embarrassing?! The first is a selection of, mainly, birthday cakes! Lovely to see that her friends from the earlier photos are still in yesterday’s photos too. I’m hoping they’ll all be able to stay in contact after they all go their separate ways once exams are done in July this year.

Holly Birthday

The second set is just a collection of photos from over the years. Some of them are firm favourites and others are the ones that she’s edited in herself!! Not sure she’d have included the one of her hoovering for the very first, and last, time though!


Happy 16th Birthday Holly – you are and always will be my VIP xxx