National Libraries Day #MySundayPhoto


Did you realise that yesterday was National Libraries Day? You did? Good! I hope you celebrated appropriately!

At work yesterday we had a lovely time. Our Friend Group were run off their feet supplying coffee and cake, running a sale table and tombola and we were visited by lots of very nice people who stopped for a cuppa, chat and to fill out hearts to stick on our boards with reasons they love their local libraries. Above is just one of three sheets that we’ve hearted-up so far, with borrowers having the rest of the week to come and fill in a heart too. We also had a fun treasure hunt for the kids to take part in while they were with us, with the prize of them being able to pick a sweet from a tub full of loveliness for their trouble. Not many of them were convinced by the rule that it was one sweet for them, one for me though unfortunately!