That Channel is Swimmed!

Well, yes, I’ve made it – 1416 lengths of our local pool, the equivalent of the length of the Channel, and fortunately well within the deadline of 6th December. It’s been a good challenge, which I’d recommend for anyone who wants to get a bit of discipline in their exercising life! The only downside was the lack of duty-free available once I’d finished!

The most lengths swam in one go was 96 – believe me I couldn’t have made the extra 4 lengths to make it to 100, but then I wanted to count in 8’s (never my strongest timetable!) or 16’s….or 4’s or 2’s on desperate days, so that was fine. The most done in a day was probably when I went twice and did 88 both times.

I’m now wondering whether I’ll miss swimming so often, whether I’ll keep it up on a regular basis or whether I’m  happy to hang up my suit and not smell like a swimming pool!

Here’s my Aspire Challenge page so you can see how I’ve done, and just on the off-chance someone would like to get a sneaky last minute donation for this very good cause, for which I’d be eternally grateful….

Funniest moment in the pool over the last few weeks was the elderly lady who stopped swimming as we were part way through a length. I stopped too worried that she had a problem to which she replied “I’m stiffening up dear, I need some of that UB40”!!  I think she probably meant WD40 but we decided between us that UB40 was perhaps a better idea – Red, Red Wine ought to work wonders on stiffening joints hadn’t it?!

The friend who encouraged me to take up this challenge has also finished. She’s now saying that she’s considering doing there AND back next year. As for me, I’m considering…..looking for new, more sensible friends!

Wow, that pool's cold today....

Wow, that pool’s cold today….

Splish, Splash I was taking a ….. swim across the Channel!

A few weeks back an equally mad friend told me that she was swimming the channel. My immediate thoughts were eww jellyfish and having to wear a bucket of lard to keep you warm… But NO, this is an entirely civilised swim in your local swimming pool over 12 weeks (thankfully as it’s 1,416 lengths!) to help raise money for Aspire, a great charity who help people with spinal injuries.  Of course I said I would do it too……of course I’ve now just missed a week’s swimming with the annual September-back-to-school cold, but if I stick to an average of 2 miles (128 lengths) a week, I should do it comfortably….I hope!

Here’s my progress so far in the form of a groovy little map!

Now, the only problem is, am I conning those who have sponsored me so far?! To call what I do “swimming” is a bit of a cheat I’ve come to think (lets face it, there’s plenty of time to think when you’re plodding up and down the pool that much!). As I’m spending so much time at the pool people are actually starting to question what I’m doing instead of a swimming stroke. Can’t do crawl as my ears are too dodgy anyhow without pool water to help them, can’t do breast stroke as my arms will either do what they are meant to do, or my legs will do what they are meant to do but both won’t do the proper thing at the same time… My dad always used to tell me off for splashing people when I was little so I altered my doggy paddle to be completely underwater. Over the years I’ve honed this so that the arm bit is longer than doggy paddle and my legs don’t actually do anything at all. I seem to have a bit of a Shakira thing going on with my hips rotating instead…..  Sounds odd, but it does work I promise. Maybe I should patent it?! But in the meantime, let them laugh, I’m swimming the Channel without jellyfish or lard and I’m proud of it, and I hope to make those who have sponsored me proud too :)

And I'm off.....!

And I’m off…..!