Ho, Ho, Ho! #MySundayPhoto


Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to live in North Wales. We spent nearly every holiday we had there when we were little. Living in the Midlands it was only a hop, skip and jump over to the most glorious beaches and amazing mountainous scenery. Since Kev and I have been together (25 years this September – gulp!) we’ve made the rather trickier journey from East Devon up to North Wales on a regular basis. This has continued since we’ve had Holly – her first time up Snowdon was before she was even born! Hopefully she has some lovely memories of our family holidays up there too.

I regularly look at houses for sale in North Wales and, while I was having one of these yearning sessions the other evening, Kev threw in a curve ball by saying he’d quite like to live in North Devon!  We pop up there occasionally to the beach at Saunton Sands, which is actually very North Wales like, but we haven’t really explored the coast there in much more detail. Although North Devon is only some 50 miles away from where we live, the journey up there seems to take forever. However, as Kev had some time off work this week I suggested that we go and look at, although we knew absolutely nothing about it, Westward Ho! If you’ve never been, you should go! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Whereas Saunton is a lovely long beach with just a cafe and car park, Westward Ho! has a lovely town, amazing houses and fantastic beach to explore. I think we both fell a little in love with it. Is this the end, finally, of the North Wales dream?! Hmmm, wouldn’t bet on it!