A Gate For All Seasons – February


Somewhat brighter than January (hurray!) but with lovely frosty grass! Taken from a bit further back this month so you can see the bin I was moaning about. On the right you can see orange tape where a recycling lorry skidded on ice and crashed through the handrail and into a garden last month.

It does, I guess, make more sense to take one from closer up so I can see if there are any changes, so here’s one I took on my mobile from the beginning of February.


Again, beautiful blue sky, which is just what we want!

Hoping to see some changes in the trees next month…..


A Gate For All Seasons – January


This one is totally self indulgent, but if you have your own blog, then why not?!

This is the view I see every day when I walk into town. It’s a great one, in my opinion, and one that changes through the seasons…..so why not take a monthly photo of it just to see if it changes as much as I think it does?!

The most problematic thing about it is that there’s a big grey bin just to the left of the gate. Do I include that in my photo as the view of the hill (Dumpdon) is better from further back, but other than Photoshopping the bin is coming along to play too? Well, just go with the flow I think!

I’m not quite sure why these posts are so important. It’s not like it’s a mysterious gate as I do know what’s behind it. Many, many years ago I used to babysit for the people who owned the house behind the gate, so I know that it leads to a lovely garden…..but there is an air of mystery about it.

Anyway, here’s a distance one where I did miss the bin….and include the random lamppost and grit bin instead!