Happy New Year (at last!)

Well, it’s looking a bit neglected and cobwebby in here, but that’s no problem – it’s easy enough to put right!

What happened to blogging in 2015? To be honest, I’m not really sure. I did have photos for August in a folder ready to post but it didn’t happen. After that I took very few pictures for some reason….November was particularly photo free. Hopefully I’ll get back into it, and into some new projects, for 2016.

In the meantime, here’s a montage of photos from August to December 2016 as a bit of a catch up.

Aug-Dec 2015

Blogging wasn’t the only area I was slacking in. For a while I closed my Facebook page down – feeling exceptionally anti-social. The garden is weed filled and neglected, although that is thanks in part to the weather. The cooking and photo challenges have gone by the by, as has swimming – hard to believe when I was going so many times a week. Hopefully all of these things will come back.

So far as 2016 is concerned, as well as getting back to blogging, gardening, photo-ing and being more sociable, the biggest news so far is that I’ve handed in my notice at work, with the hopes of being able to carry on being self employed running Home Ideas and Gifts Galore, my eBay and Amazon shops. It’s a big step, but keeping everything crossed!

Linda and I are going to be starting a new photo challenge soon – Wordless Wednesdays. I’m aiming to read a classic book a month to join in with the great challenge run by Stacey on Pretty Books – why not check it out and give it a go too?! I’m hoping the cat will start doing something interesting every now and then too so that I can go back to joining up with the lovely Animal Tales stories run by Eco-Gites of Lenault!

Along with all of that, I’m always looking for new stock and suppliers, which I’m sure might get a mention every now and then; I’m newly Fitbit(ed) (will you be my friend?!); I want to start crafting again; entering competitions again would be good; we need to get out and have adventures like we used to; I need to catch up with friends…… The list is endless! How have I ever found the time to work eh?!