A New Family Member! #AnimalTales

Having thought about it long and hard, on Sunday we popped to Axhayes Adoption Centre, part of the Cats Protection League, in Exeter. We always had cats before we moved house and have missed having one in the new house. We were going just to investigate as we’ve always had kittens before and never adopted a cat. However, the people at Axhayes turned out to be really lovely and helpful and we came away having found ourselves reserved a cat!

We’d spent ages over the past weeks looking at the Axhayes cats on the website so it was almost like a celebrity encounter to finally come face to face with the likes of the gorgeous Augustus, Molly and wonderfully sad but equally gorgeous Shrimp.

While Holly was busy getting to know Val, something else was going on in one of the other pens. Kevin, who we’d had trouble persuading that a cat was a good idea, was getting to know a lovely grey tabby who had been named Cartman by the Centre (after the family who brought him in to them). I’m not really sure who chose who – as soon as the door of the pen was opened Cartman launched himself at Kev and we had trouble keeping him in place – he wanted to come home with us (other cats please note, this is an amazing technique, try it!).

IMG_1217We reserved Cartman there and then, with the idea of picking him up Wednesday this week….he’s here already! Kev managed to get away from work early yesterday, picked up Cartman and it’s already like he’s been with us forever. We anticipated a few teething problems as little was known about his past and he had been a bit “antsy” before the Centre neutered him. But, so far so good! He had quite a restless night, but with the high winds and all of the associated noise we’ve had, it’s hardly surprising. Today he’s just lounging around the place like he owns it….just like a cat should!

Cupcakes with friends #mysundayphoto


Last week didn’t go to plan in many ways and often things had to be changed at last minute, meaning I didn’t get to do some of things I wanted to do…..but at least my friend Chris and I did manage (eventually!) to get out for a hot chocolate and a rather beautiful looking cake, in a place we wouldn’t have gone if things hadn’t gone against our plans! So perhaps sometimes things go awry for a purpose?

Go with the flow…..your reward will be cake!


Sunny Sidmouth #MySundayPhoto


Kev had a very rare day off this week. When I say rare, it was actually the first time he’s had off work this year and was in fact one of three days he had booked off over Christmas and was asked to cancel. He’s paid for it though – Thursday night he arrived home at 8.40pm and he’s at work for his second Sunday in a row. Not that I’m being grumpy about this at all on his behalf of course (yes I am).

However we did have a lovely day, and the weather was actually far nicer than it is so far today. We started the day early with a climb up to the top of Roundball Hill to watch the Solar Eclipse. Although largely cloudy, the sun did break through at the most important times and we managed to get a good view of the whole of the moon’s passage across the sun.

We were aiming for brunch out at the pub but by the time we’d got ourselves sorted we had lunch instead – Fish Friday Special – yum! Far nicer than breakfast (or at least on a par)! We spent the afternoon walking through Sidmouth’s gorgeous Connaught Gardens area where it was so warm and sunny we sat on a bench for half an hour drinking in the view with our coats off. Shame it was so far to walk for an ice cream as that would have finished things off perfectly!