Don’t Forget to take a Selfie!

Okay, it’s April the first so, no joke, take a selfie now! Would love it if you’d join us on our mission to take a selfie a day during April – here’s the link to the blog post about being selfie-ish. I will do a link up….if someone will tell me how?! It’s at time like this I remember what a beginner I am at blogging!

In the meantime my friend and colleague Linda has posted her first Selfie of the month over here on her Makes, Bakes and Occasional Shakes blog.

Here’s my first photo, taken with my bezzie (selfie, bezzie?! Oh deary me!!!) friend Katherine…..who has now banned me from her home for the rest of the month!



Time to be Selfie-ish!

I hate photos of me so, bearing that in mind, this might seem a bit of a strange project….but during April I’m going to take a selfie a day!

The idea came from a book I’d heard about, which I subsequently borrowed from the library. It’s called “A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book” by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman and I thoroughly recommend it.  While I was reading it my daughter saw it and said she’d love a copy. I bought it for her birthday and have now pinched it back from her (temporarily of course, I’m not THAT much of a mean mum!)!


My colleague Linda and I thought it might be fun to have a go at one of the projects in particular. Featured on page 148 of the book, the idea is to take the thirty day self-portrait challenge. I have previously taken a photo a day for a year as part of a project over on flickr and, of course, take part in the brilliant Silent Sunday project, so a month of daily photos shouldn’t be too challenging.

Here’s the details of the challenge we’re hoping to do:

Take 30 days of self portraits (one every day for a whole month) (April seems an ideal month to do this!).

The portraits have to be about you or show you in some way (I confess now, bits of me is all you will be seeing!).

You must take the pictures yourself.

As you go, or at the end, share your photos with a close friend, your spouse, online via Facebook or on your blog.

So, what do you think?

Will you give it a go too???? Please?!

Linda and I look forward to sharing our results with you and to hopefully seeing some photos from you too.

Have fun!

30 Days of Selfie Fun!

30 Days of Selfie Fun!